A Long Overdue Beginning

Welcome to my blog! The creation of this space has been floating around in my head for roughly five years.

So why did it take me so long to create it? Um, I didn’t have a title.

I didn’t just want to use my name or pick something that held no meaning for me. I also didn’t want to choose something too specific that would narrow down my focus too much. I don’t really want to be a niche blog. I want to talk about broad topics, like life and struggles and joys and motherhood and God and fitness (or my lack thereof) and everything in between. I might post about a recipe or meal ideas one day and then something spiritually introspective the next.

And I’d like the freedom to do that.

So how did I finally come up with my title? Well, about a year ago I was reading a social media post by an author whose writing I adore and she was discussing how we shouldn’t consider ourselves failures if our journey doesn’t seem to progress the way we think it should. And then she described how we all experience “imperfect progress.” Immediately I knew this was the title I had been waiting for.

We are all works in progress. Life carries us through different moments in time and each thing changes us. Sometimes drastically and, other times, in seemingly insignificant ways. Either way, we are being molded and shaped by our decisions, behaviors, actions, thoughts, and feelings as well as the actions and behaviors of others. Suddenly we realize that we aren’t the same person we were a month/year/decade ago.

But for somebody like me who isn’t very good at introspection or understanding what she feels, it’s hard to be self-aware all the time. My husband is quite good at it. Me? Not so much. I feel like when I do manage to feel like I’m making some progress forward in my life, it requires 10 steps back and it’s messier than I want it to be.

Can you relate?

When you think about today’s world, everybody “seems” to be doing everything perfectly. Whether you’re looking at their social media account or seeing them in person at church once a week or watching another mom at the playground, it’s easy to think that they’re all progressing forward in their life just perfectly. That their journey isn’t nearly as hard or imperfectly backward as your own seems to be.

But that’s a lie. Everybody’s life progresses imperfectly. And when you get to the end of your life, you’ll have progressed just as God intended you to. But I seem to forget that truth sometimes (er, quite a lot of the time).

So my hope for this space is that you’ll see how my journey isn’t progressing pristinely and find comfort in that for your own messy adventure. And maybe we can all teach each other something along the way!

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